Conversion rate optimisation

Convert your store visitors into buyers - a craft offered by the Shopify CRO team

Data analysis

Via advanced data science methods and tools, we can help you to understand your site visitors better. By providing in-depth insights into your storefront's page type performance, onsite search performance, device usage and product performance we can provide you with directly actionable site optimisation recommendations.

Usability audit

Combining UX best practice, industry experience and problem solving we can help you: Prioritise areas of focus and evaluate business impact, as well as implementation complexity.

Process review

Having a conversion optimisation process involved having the right people, tracking setup and tools at hand. We can help you review the status quo and support you implement a continuous optimisation cycle.


What is Conversion Rate Optimisatin?

Conversion rate optimisation means taking actions and testing changes on a digital store to understand how to enable web-based visitors to buy or engage with a product, service, or experience.

How soon will I see results?

You will see results as soon as 2-3 weeks after the the first optimisations have been successfully tested and / or implemented based on your data insights.

What does communication look like on a daily basis?

You will have day to day communication with the responsible CRO technical architect. If required, we can also send you a weekly report with work we have done the last 7 days and what you can look forward to in the next week. For bigger engagements, we can send you a monthly overview with all work, all improvements and how much additional revenue we have generated for you via our initiatives.

How does CRO affect my website and why is it so important to implement?

Your conversion rate and average order value are the 2 most important metrics to work on to scale your business. You can simply not scale your marketing without working on these metrics constantly. The higher your conversion rate and AOV is, the more you can invest in acquiring new customers. We work with you to both generate the most top line revenue and bottomline profit.

How much work is required from us to work with you?

We are flexible in the collaboration mode. So if you just want us to advice you what improvements to implement and test, we can work with closely with your team to improve the site. If you prefer the engagement to be a “done for you” service, we can handle all the work from the start (data gathering) to the end (implementation of improvements and winning a/b tests).

How does your conversion rate impact your revenue?

Traffic (sessions) AOV Conversion Rate Revenue
Current 300,000 300 USD 1.00% $900,000.00
15% Increase 300,000 300 USD 1.15% $1,035,000.00
30% Increase 300,000 300 USD 1.30% $1,170,000.00
45% Increase 300,000 300 USD 1.45% $1,305,000.00
60% Increase 300,000 300 USD 1.60% $1,440,000.00
75% Increase 300,000 300 USD 1.75% $1,575,000.00
90% Increase 300,000 300 USD 1.90% $1,710,000.00
105% Increase 300,000 300 USD 2.05% $1,845,000.00
120% Increase 300,000 300 USD 2.20% $1,980,000.00

Case Study

Working with us, a nutritional merchant could improve their site conversion rate by 18%.

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