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No matter the size of your business, our services are tailored to boost your site speed and Core Web Vitals. Contact us today and see how we can unlock the full potential of your business.

"Working with the Shopify performance team, we were able to drive more traffic to the website and increase revenue by 15%."

–Daniel Nunn, Director eCommerce at Carpe

Why performance matters

Site speed and other aspects of web performance impact user experience. If shoppers on your site encounter slow or unresponsive pages, they are more likely to bounce and not convert. On top of that, Google now includes the Core Web Vitals performance in your search rankings. Learn more about why performance matters.

Site speed support when you need it most

Get the performance support you need to improve your site speed and user experience. Whether you need ongoing support or a one-time project, Shopify Professional Services has you covered.

Repair poor Core Web Vitals performance

Let our site speed experts conduct an audit of your website's performance to get to the bottom of issues such as slow loading, poor responsiveness, or layout shifts that may be causing a decline in conversions.

Ensure a new site architecture won't slow you down

When building a new Shopify site or undergoing a site migration or redesign, consulting with a web performance engineer is crucial to ensure your new architecture doesn't prevent you from achieving great web performance.

Increase your in-house expertise

Learn from the experts. Our performance engineers can train your theme developers how to measure, debug, and fix web performance for the long term with our open-enrollment and custom workshops.

  • Web performance audit & recommendations

  • Site speed optimization & implementation

  • Architecture reviews for new websites & redesigns

  • Core Web Vitals optimizations for SEO

  • Technical workshops for theme & app developers

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