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What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) involves making data-driven modifications to your store to enhance the customer journey and facilitate purchases. The process begins with understanding current shopper behaviour using advanced data science tools to pinpoint and prioritise areas for improvement. Next, we conduct thorough UX research on your site using methods like data analysis, expert walkthroughs, competitor analysis, device testing, and heatmap analysis. After implementing and testing changes, continuous optimisation is essential. This comprehensive approach ensures a robust storefront UX, paving the way for enduring e-commerce success.

Assistance with CRO when it's most crucial for you

Obtain the necessary CRO assistance to enhance your store's usability. Whether it's a one-time audit or continuous optimisation support, Shopify CRO Services is here for you.

Data insights and store optimisation suggestions

Let us provide you with valuable data insights to understand your customers' digital shopping journeys better. With our data science methods and best practice knowledge from the Shopify ecosystem, we can provide you with high impact optimisation recommendations to increase your sales and engage in CRO. If you need a fresh pair of eyes on this, we are here to help.

CRO testing and integration support

The outcomes of a site audit typically result in feature-based improvement recommendations. We will sit together with you and decide on an implementation strategy. In case of AB testing, we can assist with testing strategies. We can also provide Shopify solutioning and work with your developers to implement the improvements for CRO.

Continuous CRO process definition and training

We can help you define what it takes to optimise your store frequently and ensure sustainable growth. This involves defining your individual optimisation KPIs, setting up tailored data dashboards and training your team in taking the right optimisation actions for continuous CRO.

CRO services for launching on Shopify

Evaluate the previous e-commerce and analytics behavioural data to generate insights. These contribute to a functional storefront requirements workshop for your future Shopify setup. We can provide analytics data insights, best practice suggestions and industry examples. Our CRO experts can further assist with the selection of experience-related Shopify apps based on your requirements, as well as help to set them up for your launch success.

  • Site Experience Audit

    We do an expert analysis of your store's analytics data and generate optimisation suggestions for all page types and functionalities to boost your store's UX.

  • Product Discovery Audit

    We do an analysis of your store's search data and provide suggestions for search matching, sorting, merchandising and filtering.

  • CRO Solutioning and Implementation Support

    We identify gaps with regards to the current implementation and develop a technical solution guide for the implementation of optimisations.

  • KPI Definition and Tracking Setup

    We run a workshop with you to identify your conversion KPI goals, tracking requirements, reports, dimensions and metrics. We also help you to make your data actionable.

  • CRO Process Definition and Training

    We run a workshop with you to develop a continuous optimisation playbook to enable your team run store optimisation by themselves.

  • A/B Testing Strategy and Enablement

    We define and prioritise possible testing hypotheses with you. We also help you to get ready for execution of the tests in your store via theme versioning strategies and test tooling.

  • A/B Testing Implementation and Evaluation Support

    We help you configure your A/B testing tools and manage your A/B testing project. After completion, we support you with analysing collected data and define next steps.

  • Continuous CRO Service

    We can be your interim site experience optimisation manager. This involves continuous analytics data analyses, custom report building, site usability testing, backlog and ticket management.

  • Shopify CRO Launch Support

    We help you create a seamless shopping journey when implementing Shopify via our data insights, functional requirements workshop and continuous implementation support.

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