Shopify provides SEO services for merchants and partners of all sizes

We work with Shopify merchants, brands and partners of all sizes succeed in SEO. From helping you navigate the SEO tasks to launch a Shopify store, to building effective SEO strategies to reach more customers online, we offer many SEO services that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact us today and see how we can unlock the full potential of your business.

Why SEO matters

Organic Search is typically the primary source of traffic and new customers for e-commerce sites. This is because users tend to trust organic results more on Google, making SEO a valuable marketing channel for attracting high-quality, credible traffic. Effective SEO strategies can help businesses improve their online presence and reach a broader audience, ultimately driving e-commerce success.

SEO support when you need it most

Get the SEO support you need to improve your online visibility. Whether you need SEO services to support your ongoing strategy or a one-time project, Shopify's SEO Services team has you covered.

Grow traffic and acquire more customers

When looking to grow traffic and acquire more customers, Shopify SEO Services is invaluable for developing and executing a comprehensive strategy that targets the right keywords and audience segments, ensuring your business is getting the maximum value from SEO.

Repair your SEO and recover lost rankings

Have you noticed a recent drop in your keyword rankings? Is your organic search traffic not where it used to be? Let our SEO experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website's SEO health and get to the bottom of what's causing a problem for your rankings and traffic.

Ensure SEO stability when making website changes

It's crucial to take specific actions for SEO when making significant website changes, especially when migrating from another platform, redesigning your website or changing URLs. Our SEO experts can guide you through the process to minimize the impact on your current traffic.

Launch on Shopify with SEO success

Don't let SEO fall on the waist side and potentially lose traffic. When launching on Shopify, or expanding your current business to reach new markets, there are many things to consider and action on for SEO. We'll work with you to build a strong site architecture and SEO strategy from the beginning to ensure you're set up for success.

Understand what your target audience looks for

Keyword analysis allows us to unlock what your target audience is looking for online, how market trends have changed over time and how competitors are reaching customers. This can empower strategies even beyond SEO - Content marketing, blogs, promotions, market expansions and more.

  • SEO Audit & Strategy

    Detailed assessment of a website's SEO status and actionable recommendations, serving as a crucial SEO roadmap for improving rankings

  • Keyword Analysis & Strategy

    Comprehensive analysis on what's currently driving your organic search traffic and where there is opportunity to rank for more keywords on search engines

  • Site Migration SEO Support

    Choose to receive consultation on how to migrate to Shopify or have the Shopify SEO Services team actually help you execute all of the many SEO migration tasks

  • New Website SEO Support

    Depending on your specific needs, choose to receive consultation or hands-on support to build a Shopify website that will rank well on search engines like Google

  • Technical SEO

    In-depth examination to identify technical SEO fixes and enhancements needed to improve how the search engines crawl, index and rank your site

  • On-Page & Content SEO

    Analysis on how effectively the website content and landing pages rank and satisfy the user's intent, in order to develop an effective SEO content strategy

  • Off-Page & Link Building

    With this SEO service, we will conduct a backlink analysis on your site and your top competitors to identify ways to improve your link equity from other websites

  • Global SEO

    Gain SEO support in building a Shopify website that's set up to succeed in global SEO and reach customers from search engines all around the world

  • Local SEO

    Grow your visibility for geographically specific searches, in order to attract local customers and drive foot traffic to your physical locations

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Depending on your specific needs, the Shopify SEO Services team can build out your reporting dashboards or assist in monitoring your SEO performance for you

  • Analysis

    First, we will conduct an SEO audit to unlock what issues and opportunities need to be prioritized to drive real results for your SEO performance

  • Strategy & Consultation

    Then we will review the audit findings and recommendations with you, and develop an effective long-term SEO strategy and roadmap

  • Implementation

    Lastly, we can provide the right level of support you need to execute the recommendations, whether it's for a particular project or ongoing basis

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