How can you turn data insights into more revenue? Find out how to leverage the full potential of your business!

You want to get a better view on your visitors and find optimisation opportunities for your storefront? Then use the 5 simple steps from this checklist to generate for your storefront now - for 0$!

0 Dollars - We directly send you an 8 pages PDF via e-mail.

  • ... you want to optimise your storefront experience, but don't know how

    Understand our suggested optimisation framework to start analysing the status quo of your store broadly and then generate specific optimisation ideas.

  • ... you have optimisation ideas, but aren't sure how to structure and implement them

    Use our PDF template to note down your optimisation ideas in a structured way and get input on specifying them to generate impactful improvements.

  • ... you are lost in the vast amount of analytics data available and need hints how to interpret it

    Get hints on typical analytics cases and areas to look out for to identify friction points in the customer journey.

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