Growing Twig’s online sales using custom solutions in Shopify

Growing Twig’s online sales using custom solutions in Shopify

Twigs, a US-based apparel retailer, was experiencing a steady growth in their online business. However, they faced challenges with their website performance and reached out to us for a performance audit and improvement.

Upon analysis, we discovered that the code structure of their theme and the app they were using to render collections were causing performance issues. The app was primarily used for the filter functionality of grouping sizes. This would take all the different variations provided by suppliers and map them to a consolidated set displayed to end users.

Instead of relying on the app, we proposed a custom solution: building this functionality directly within the theme. We also suggested using the native Shopify Search and Discovery app for a more streamlined and efficient process. Additionally, we emphasized the need for a theme with a cleaner code structure and the latest updates for optimal performance.

The results were significant (data from Feb 2023 to July 2023):

  • The proportion of users experiencing a good LCP increased by 28 percentage points, from 64% to 92%.
  • The proportion of users experiencing a good CLS increased by 23 percentage points, from 71% to 94%.
  • The proportion of users experiencing a good INP increased by 12 percentage points, from 86% to 98%.

After our initial project we have partnered with Twigs on a few more projects such as upgrading to checkout extensibility and adding more features to their theme.

Twigs Online Store Sessions

From June 23 to Feb 24, we saw not only performance improvements but also a positive impact on their business:

  • 34% growth in sales in the Online channel
  • 39% increase in sessions
  • 48% increase in add to cart events
  • 199% increase in reaching checkout

While the conversion rate remained steady, the overall sales increased, indicating that more customers were reaching the checkout stage.

Our experience with this merchant underscores the importance of carefully evaluating the use of apps versus custom solutions. While apps can provide convenient features and quick fixes, they may also come with elements that are not necessary for a specific merchant’s needs. These extra features can sometimes impact performance and increase costs. In this case, the app they were using provided a convenient UI filter experience, but it was affecting the overall performance of their site. We found that a custom solution, tailored to their specific needs, was a more efficient approach.

Sometimes apps are the only way to build additional features not available natively on Shopify. They can offer advanced algorithms, sorting capabilities, and other features that can greatly enhance a merchant’s online operations. The key is to carefully evaluate the pros and cons, and decide when the benefits of an app outweigh the potential sacrifices. 

In Shopify's Growth Services Web Development team, we aim to help merchants make informed decisions that will optimize their online operations and drive growth. Whether it's through the use of apps or custom solutions, we are committed to providing the best possible service.

As we continue to partner with Twigs we will focus on Conversion Rate Optimization to further enhance their online sales. This case study serves as a testament to the positive impact we can make by offering custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of our merchants. It shows how our team's expertise in web development can contribute to a merchant's success story.

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