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Grow your business with Shopify Growth Services

As an existing Shopify Merchant there are many ways in which you can work with Professional Services. We offer tailored solutions to help solve your challenges with flexible pricing to suit any budget.

We've listed some of our popular services below. Whether you are looking to boost conversions, speed up your site performance or build that new feature to help drive your business forward, we are here to help.

If you have another project you're exploring and think we could work together then get in touch.

  • Implementation

    With more and more options available to build and grow on Shopify it can be hard to keep up. Our team specialises in Checkout Extensibility and Functions implementation work, leaving you to focus on other areas of importance.

  • Workshops

    Let our team of experts work with yours. Build long term product knowledge into your internal teams to make sure you are always up to date with the best ways to build on Shopify.

  • Best Practice Consultations

    Sometimes you just need a helping hand at the beginning of the project to make sure you are traveling the right road. Our team offers flexible packages to guide you through your own implementation projects.

  • Headless Consultation

    Moving to a headless architecture is a hot topic. Our team can help you decide if it is the right decision for you. Using our experience we can assess your requirements, technical resources and advice on architectural decisions.

  • Site Usage and Usability Audit

    Understand your customers' digital site journeys and take data-driven decisions to improve site usability and conversion rates. If you need a fresh pair of eyes on this, we are here to help.

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  • Onsite Search Audit

    We can help you get an understanding of your site visitors' search patterns and how your site search is performing. With that information we will be able to improve your search result quality and product discoverability.

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  • CRO Solutioning and Implementation Oversight

    The outcomes of a site audit typically result in feature-based improvement recommendations. We can work with your developers to support the implementation of those.

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  • Continuous Optimization Process Definition and Training

    Continuous site optimization is fundamental for a long-lasting conversion capability. We can help you define what it takes to optimize frequently: which data to analyze how often and which actions to take.

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  • Performance Audits

    Do you have reports telling you your site is slow but you don't know why? Our Web Performance team can tell you why your site is slow and provide clear recommendations of what to improve.

  • Implementation support

    We can help your development team team implement our recommendations. Or if you have a source code repository we can submit the changes directly to that.

  • Workshops

    Learning about web peformance best practices can help set you up for long term success. Let us work directly with your developer team to share some best practices.

  • Analysis & Strategy

    We start by conducting an SEO audit to identify the issues and opportunities that will drive results in your organic traffic

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  • Consultation

    Then review the audit findings and recommendations with you to develop an effective SEO strategy for your business

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  • Implementation

    If you need assistance in executing the SEO recommendations, we're here to help support you

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15% rise in revenue

"Working with the Shopify performance team, we were able to drive more traffic to the website and increase revenue by 15%."

Daniel Nunn | Director eCommerce, Carpe

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Every engagement starts with a call. We like to understand your challenges before proposing a solution. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and aim to address your specific challenges at a price within your budget. Our mission is to help you succeed on Shopify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Plus Merchant to use Growth Services?

No, any merchant can use this team.

How much do your services cost?

Our first aim is always to solve your problems within your budget. All packages are scoped individually. Prices start at $300 for small 1 hour consultations and can reach multiple thousands for more complex engagements.

I have an in house team, why do we need you?

Our team is made up of dedicated Shopify experts. We always recommend augmenting your own teams with our expertise.

Do I still need my agency?

In most cases yes. Growth services is here to augment your existing teams with our deep specialisation, not replace them.

How long does an engagement take?

It depends. Most Auditing services take us about a week. The implementation of those recommendations is normally up to you, but should take more than a month.