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Work with us to make your site launch the best it can be.

Changing Platform can be a big investment and one that you want to get right first time. The Growth Services team can support you at various points in the process, making your launch as successful as possible.

Our team of specialists have overseen countless launches and working with them is the best way to ensuring a successful launch.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements or view some of our most popular services below.

  • Implementation

    Our team specialises in Checkout Extensibility and Functions implementation work. Let us take care of the things we specialise in while you focus on the things you do best.

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  • Workshops

    Learning a new platform or tool comes with an unavoidable ramp up time. We can work with your technical teams to reduce that time and get them up and running as quickly as possible.

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  • Best Practice Consultations

    Lean on our experience when launching your store. We'll make sure you follow latest best practice and be on hand to guide you through a successful launch, avoiding any common pitfalls.

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  • Analytics Concept

    Make sure you are conscious of the site elements you would like to track. We can guide you define your tracking goals and needs for KPI, metric and dimension reporting. This will ensure your site is ready for a continuous optimisation after launch.

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  • Customer analysis and requirements generation

    Evaluate behavioural analytics data of the previous e-commerce and analytics systems to derive requirements for the future setup with Shopify. Also functional business requirements are covered to form a consistent overall concept as preparation for an implementation.

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  • Experience app selection and configuration

    Define the needed app landscape based on the requirements and best practices in the areas of product discovery, merchandising and tracking incl. app configuration.

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  • Design / functional testing

    Test typical customer journeys and user flows to make sure there are no friction points and the integration is based on previously defined requirements and best practices. Reporting of bugs and issues.

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  • Monitor as you build

    Don't wait until you have designed and built your ideal site to realise early decisions have compromised site speed. Our team will help you embed performance into key decisions and setup testing to make sure you monitor user experience as you build.

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  • Pre-launch Audit

    We can check performance before you go live to avoid any nasty surprises. Unfortunately it's all to common to leave this step until after go live when it becomes much harder to fix.

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  • Post-Launch Audit

    No amount of lab testing will ever tell you how real users experience your site. This service uses real user data to see how your new site is performing in the real world. If there are any issues we can recommend changes or fix them for you.

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Every engagement starts with a call. We like to understand your challenges before proposing a solution. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and aim to address your specific challenges at a price within your budget. Our mission is to help you succeed on Shopify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Plus Merchant to use Growth Services?

No, any merchant can use this team.

How much do your services cost?

Our first aim is always to solve your problems within your budget. All packages are scoped individually. Prices start at $300 for small 1 hour consultations and can reach multiple thousands for more complex engagements.

I have an in house team, why do we need you?

Our team is made up of dedicated Shopify experts. We always recommend augmenting your own teams with our expertise.

Do I still need my agency?

In most cases yes. Growth services is here to augment your existing teams with our deep specialisation, not replace them.

How long does an engagement take?

It depends. Most Auditing services take us about a week. The implementation of those recommendations is normally up to you, but shouldn't take more than a month.